Linear Parks

Maurice O’Connell, a wonderful FCA Trustee/Board Member, found a great article that speaks specifically about the benefits and future of “Linear Parks” (flip to page 17 for the details). Thanks Mo!

“For those of you that are unfamiliar with the term “Linear Park”…The Feeder Canal is a Linear Park in the truest sense. According to Wikipedia: A linear park is a park that is substantially longer than it is wide. It is often formed as a part of a “rails to trails” conversion of antiquated railroad beds to recreational use. Other linear parks make use of strips of public land next to canals, streams, electrical lines, highways and shorelines.

The Feeder Canal has an interconnected network of outstanding trails and parks serving all forms of non-vehicular movement. It links many points of interest throughout three Cities and two Counties. It also provides healthy and diverse transportation and outdoor recreation opportunities for the people who use the trail and canal.”

-Maurice O’Connell

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