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The Glens Falls Feeder Canal is the perfect spot for canoeing and kayaking – from the beginning of the Canal at the Feeder Dam in Queensbury to the takeout at Martindale Boat Basin on Martindale Avenue in Hudson Falls. Paddle under a factory or through a tunnel, from city sights to serene parks, and neighborhoods. Click here for the Canal & Trail Map.

Feeder Dam

A dock is available at the Moore Memorial Bridge at Feeder Dam in the Town of Queensbury. Parking for a few cars is available near the gates. Canoes and kayaks can be carried around the gate through the opening to the dock. Beginning at Feeder Dam, you will paddle under the Bush Street Bridge, past several industries on Pruyn’s Island, and through Finch Pruyn’s complex. If the water level is high, it is necessary to get low to pass under an open structure holding a pipe across the canal at Finch Pruyn. Of special interest is the passage through the paper mill’s operation. Finch Pruyn shipped many loads of newsprint for New York City before the canal closed in the 1920’s. Next are the ghostly chalk white buildings of the Jointa Lime Company.

Shermantown Road

A dock is available at Shermantown Road in Glens Falls. Located off Warren Street, cars may be parked on Shermantown Road. There is a four foot drop from the dock to the water at the Shermantown Road dock. Entering the canal at this point you will avoid the Finch Pruyn complex and Jointa Lime Company. After easy paddling around the bend in the canal, Glens Falls Cement company comes into view. You will pass through a tunnel under the highway at Route 254 and continue on past the Samaritan Counseling Center and rural wooded areas noted by bird watchers. When the bridge at Route 4 is reached, the Martindale Avenue Bridge will be next and it is time to look to the right for the take out docks at Martindale Boat Basin.

Martindale Avenue

A parking lot suitable for a number of cars is available at Martindale Avenue in Hudson Falls. The end of the five mile canoe or kayak trip includes several docks, park benches, and a small park. Many boaters leave a second car at Martindale to avoid the return “upstream” trip to Feeder Dam.

Five Combined Locks

Many bicyclists and walkers enjoy the view from the top of the Five Combined Locks off of Burgoyne Avenue in Kingsbury. Although paddlers must take out at Martindale Boat Basin to avoid the locks, it is a short trip by car for those who want to see the impressive staircase of locks at Burgoyne Avenue.

Canoe & Kayak Race

We are looking forward to hosting our popular Canoe & Kayak Race in June or July of 2024. Check back here for more details on how to participate in this exciting paddle - we'll post more details soon!

More Information

The Feeder Canal Canoe/Kayak trip takes about 1.5 hours of easy paddling with the current if started at Feeder Dam. It is hard to remove canoes at any point other than the access points listed without venturing onto private property. We advise all trail and canal users to be respectful of private ownership.

Ways To Help

Make your contribution to help support recreational activities, environmental programs and preserving this historic resource. Contributions can be made directly to the Feeder Canal Alliance in the form of cash, check, credit card or pay pal when clicking on the link below. Contributions are tax deductible and, unless otherwise designated, and are allocated to the general fund.